In late October 2000, Kevin Greene and I went to the Pathfinder field office in Hanoi to do some computer training and hardware installation. It was a 1-week business trip after a 2-day stopover in Hong Kong on the way over.  Your standard developing country, but a beautiful place once you get out of the big city.  Stunning, actually.

We traveled west for a couple days after our business in Hanoi, to Ha Long Bay for a 12-hour boat journey to see the bay and take in the scenery. There were no other passengers on this huge boat with us, the captains (two other dudes) didn't speak any English, and the only nourishment we were offered this whole trip was a coke.  But the magnificence of the caves and outcroppings made it more than worth it.  See some photos below.

After that, we went to Hai Phong to Vietnam's only casino.  No photos of that, but another fun experience (to be considered millionaire tycoons with our $60 investment in Roulette. We lost, but winning might've brought on some different challenges with all the eyes on us.

Cool place.  Didn't understand much of the language. Didn't eat any dog.  Had a great time.  Stay tuned for a more detailed write-up.


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