In late April 1999, Chris Hoeffler and I went to the Pathfinder field office in Lagos to do some computer training and hardware installation. It was a 1-week business trip after a 3-day stopover in Switzerland on the way over, and a 1-day stop in London on the way back.

We found Nigeria to be very crowded, but the field staff and everyone we met very friendly during our stay. After work, we saw the town, enjoyed interesting restaurants, visited trinket tables, met (but didn't touch) CSW's, drank Gulder beer, and feasted on pepper chicken. I was even lucky enough to have to bribe my way out of the country in order to prevent my suitcase from being torn apart by slippery airport personnel. Overall we enjoyed Nigeria very much!

Me & Chris Hoeffler visit the Pathfinder Nigeria Office in Lagos on Victoria Island Afternoon teaching puts everyone to sleep! Front of our hotel, the 'Eko' after a big rainstorm/flood The well travelled ISU fish with his Eko room key in Lagos With fellow staffers on the Pathfinder driveway
Crude seating at crude computers George Gachoki of the Kenya office after saying, 'Does Not Compute' At the Leki trinketorium after buying the place out Chris getting help from the Nigerian consulate on how to install a 28-baud modem Chris pets his hair with Gbenga Peters (staff accountant) and Mike Egboh (field office head)
The view from outside the Eko hotel room at lovely downtown Lagos A favorite place to eat, 'Sweet Sensations' offering semi-normal burgers Tennis and other strange sporting fields at the Eko Hotel Paul Shumba (of Kenya) heading back into the office The tempting Eko Hotel Pool, which we never dared to swim in
Gbenga Peters happy to see us enjoy the departing gifts (a punjabi for each of us) Trying to fit in, we do, don't we - with George Gachoki and Mike Egboh Traditional Nigerian garb on white boys The Pathfinder Nigeria Field Office staff

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